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Policy Positions

Mitigate Vacant and Blighted Properties


Improve the Rhode Island Avenue NE Streetscape Plan

Many of the pedestrian crosswalks in and around 5C01 are faded, outdated, and just plain unsafe. I want this to be a neighborhood where people can walk, bike, and let their kids play without fear. 


As Commissioner I will...

  • Work with DDOT to make sure crosswalks are painted or re-painted as needed

  • Ask for increased safety measures such as more four-way stops and removal of road hazards such as potholes

  • Work with Commissioners from neighboring districts on crosswalks such as those across South Dakota that effect traffic to and from 5C01

Michael has six major policy initiatives he'd like to work on as Commissioner of 5C01, in addition to the day-to-day work of ensuring a better quality of life and equitable services for all 5C01 residents. Major initiatives include...

  • Mitigating vacant and blighted properties in the neighborhood

  • Improving and implementing the Rhode Island Ave NE Streetscape Master Plan

  • Advocating for 5C01 residents during the 2020-2021 redistricting process post-Census

  • Fostering an increased sense of community responsibility and neighborliness

  • Improving the Fort Circle Park green spaces for resident use and

  • Overhauling pedestrian and traffic safety in the neighborhood, as well as on border streets such as South Dakota Avenue

Read more about each plan under the headings below. 

You can also learn more about Michael and his vision for the neighborhood in the following places

Michael is endorsed by Greater Greater Washington!

Michael is a proud Ally Candidate member of the ANC Rainbow Caucus and a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.


After the 2020 Census, Wards and Single Member Districts like 5C01 in DC will have their boundaries redrawn based on the new population data. Under the current boundaries, 5C01 has zero schools, no District-controlled park land, very few small businesses, no rec centers, and no public landmarks.


Why does this matter?


The District should strive to distribute these types of public structures and lands as equitably as possible between SMDs. Without control over any neighboring landmarks, 5C01 residents have less of a say than their neighbors. It's true that not all districts can have the exact same assets, but 5C01 deserves a greater say on issues relating to neighboring institutions than just a single vote among seven 5C Commissioners.


*Read more about redistricting and why it matters for ANCs from Greater Greater Washington, after the 2000 Census. 


As Commissioner I will...

  • Be a voice for 5C01 residents during the redistricting process

  • Advocate for inclusion of more neighboring public spaces, park lands, institutions, and more within the new boundaries of 5C01

  • Work with other 5C Commissioners and any Ward 5 appointed task forces to ensure equitable division of resources between SMDs

fort circle park google maps.JPG
fort circle park dc public lands map.JPG
streetscape capture 2.JPG

The Rhode Island Avenue NE Streetscape Master Plan was written in 2014, and has been delayed numerous times in the last six years due to construction projects and other city issues. It covers Rhode Island Ave NE from Eastern Avenue all the way down to Eckington. The last several blocks of Rhode Island Ave NE, from South Dakota to Eastern Ave, are in 5C01. The report makes recommendations to improve Rhode Island Ave NE in terms of pedestrian safety and accessibility, as well as visual attractiveness and traffic flow. But it needs an update with 2020 priorities. The original report contains no discussion of bike or micro-mobility infrastructure nor does it plan for bus lanes. 


As Commissioner I will...

  • Advocate for the implementation of the the Rhode Island Avenue Streetscape - we've waited long enough for it to start!

  • Fight for modernization of the original plan to meet the needs of 2020 commuters, residents, and visitors - including more bike infrastructure and public transit upgrades

  • Push for beautification and improvements of the parts of Rhode Island Ave NE that are in 5C01 in particular, such as the "Welcome to DC" sign at Rhode Island Ave and Eastern Ave

  • Work with other Commissioners along Rhode Island Ave NE to ensure consistency, safety, and community along the whole corridor

woodridge sign.jpg

Living in a connected neighborhood is important for everyone's well-being. Neighbors can help each other during hard times, come together to solve neighborhood problems, and generally make a place great.


As Commissioner I will...

  • Promote neighborhood values where all are welcome - where Black Lives Matter, where our LGBTQ+ neighbors are celebrated, where all faiths are treated equally, and where people of different backgrounds feel included

  • Increase the number of neighborhood events such as clean-ups, block parties, and theme nights

  • Encourage neighborhood dispute resolution and civic engagement as an effective problem-solving tool

  • Provide as many ways as possible for neighbors to get involved in the community

  • Work with the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement rather than the police whenever possible to resolve conflict

  • Preserve and promote the neighborhood's history and character


Overhaul Pedestrian Safety

Influence the 2020 Census Redistricting

Foster an Increased Sense of Community

Along Eastern Avenue there are a series of  about a dozen very small parks and green spaces controlled by the National Park Service. These parks are part of the Fort Circle Park series, which marks historic sites where forts were built around Washington, DC's perimeter during the Civil War. Named forts like Fort Stevens and Fort DuPont are part of this same park series. These small green spaces could better serve the residents of 5C01.​

Build Out the Fort Circle Parks

Vacant and blighted properties are a challenge for any neighborhood. They can become fire hazards, home to pests, and can reduce neighboring property values.


As Commissioner, I will...

  • Ensure all vacant and blighted properties in 5C01 are registered with DCRA

  • Follow-up with DCRA and the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) to make sure inspections of vacant properties are completeed in a timely manner

  • Advocate for residents who live near vacant or blighted properties to make sure they are maintained in the safest and most sanitary condition possible

As Commissioner I will...

  • Work with the Park Service to put up signs identifying these spaces as part of the Fort Circle Park series and explaining their historical significance

  • Ensure the spaces are well maintained

  • Create a plan to make the parks more usable to residents, to include benches, trash receptacles, and playground equipment where possible

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